Pirate Storm – Review


Ready for your next trip through the mystic sea?
Start your adventure with Pirate Storm, a browser based game designed by BigPoint.

Ever wanted to explore the seas and defeat mystical creatures? The game offers you the opportunity to play in an MMORPG setting and battle against giant craps and collect treasure chests. After your initial sign up, a ship and basic weapons for the game are assigned to you. You need to sail and battle against monsters and other ships. The goal is for you to defeat as many as possible and become the king of the seas. During the game you have to complete various quests and collect diamonds, experience and many other treasures. When you defeat a pirate ship, a treasure chest is left behind that you need to collect. This way you can advance in the game. Further you can upgrade to the premium edition to get powerful weapons that can be used in the game.

There are several quests that you need to fulfill and in the game it shows you whether you either need to find a specific object or battle someone in particular. Some of the quests have diverse names like underwater armor or harpoon blast and you can choose whether you want to accept the quest. Want to know more about your achievements during the game? You can easily checkout your profile and take a look at all kinds of information like scrolls of power, captain orders, the ranking and your current level.

BigPoint offers a various selection of browser based games. The advantage of browser based games is that there is no download needed, you just sign in and can immediately start playing and dive into the world of Pirate Storm!

Want to know more? Check it out yourself and start playing now!