Drakensang Online – Review


Drakensang Online is a browser based 3D game from BigPoint. They offer a various selection of browser based games. The advantage of browser based games is that there is no download needed, you just sign in and can immediately start playing and dive into the world of Drakensang!


The first step to start your great adventure is to choose the character you would like to play with. They currently offer two players, called Spellweaver and Dragonknight. You can change every little thing about appearance one you have chosen your character. The great thing is, that you can change both of the players appearance by either choosing if you want to play a male or a female character. Further you can customize body types and hair styles. So in case you would like to play a tall, male Dragonknight with beard, you can choose it in the inital step of the game.


The game has great graphics and is well designed. You can browse in your inventory to unlock certain features. You can purchase all kinds of features and during the game you can collect various treasures and battle against monsters.


Take a look at Drakensang Online and dive into the amazing 3D world of Dracania!